Empowering re-mediation with Land Art

Land Art offers a schizophrenic zone for analysing and intervening in reproductions of ‘nature’, where distinctions between pre-subscribed contexts and their art – world systems might collapse.

Richard Parry Land Art Locations

figure in a thicket

Mnichov district, Czech Republic, 2017

Land Art Common Land (Collective project with Klasse Pryde / Sculpture Studio UMPRUMM)

melding faces in woodland

River Hull Boathouse, UK, 2017

Firewalls For The New Sensationalist (after Paul Burwell)

firework explosion

Anderston, UK, 2016

Not Not Fireworks (commission for Glasgow International 2016)

hilly, verdant, landscape

Asia district, Peru, 2016

Offset Critical High Ground (with Oscar Murillo), accessible by dune buggy

sailing man

Kilifi Creek, Kenya, 2015

GUILTY (after Jeff Koons And Ivana Porfiri), accessible by Capt. Issa's boat

fireworks casting sillhouettes

Elephant & Castle regeneration zone, UK, 2014

Not Not Fireworks

a bird's eye view of a warm beach

Gezira Beach, Mogadishu, 2013

Country On The Click (with Mr. Omar Abdi Ali) accessible by cellphone

submerged picture plane in a lagoon

Venetian Lagoon, Italy, 2013

Commissione Privata (commission), accessible by vapouretto

running figure reflected in a shoreline

The North Sea, 2012

Salon Neu (with Embassy Gallery members), experienced from Peru

a gathering of people in a post-industrial wasteland

The Interzone / Narnia, 2011

Ballard in Narnia (with Merlin Carpenter), accessible by canoe

a figurative sculpture in a body of water

The Water of Leith, UK, 2011

Young London (commission), accessible by footpath

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