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  • Lewisham Way Youth and Community Centre

    Investigative activism: 138 Lewisham Way was a Youth and Community Centre' for 45 years, "a place of refuge and joy for young black people".

  • Schizoanalysis for arts learning

    Pedagogical research with a world Top 2 university for art and design.

  • Land Art token (PARRY)

    A decentralised Land Art ledger offering common ownership of Richard Parry Land Art using the Ethereum blockchain

  • Decentalised learning systems

    Infrastructure towards a new (de -territorialized) university

  • Land Art Common Land

    Experimental teaching and learning with students of Berlin University of the Arts and The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague

  • Lewisham Libraries and offshore accounting

    Investigative journalism: Why did Arts Council England fund a property deal's £100,000 “Premium payable to V22 London Ltd."?

  • Field Recording galleries

    Beyond the image-led institution.

  • Lewisham ARthouse

    Co-development of artist-led infrastructure towards re-mediated community space.

  • Art Zim I Ching

    An app for art world systems and users.

  • Christie's

    Interventions in secondary art markets (2004-2014).

  • The New Dome

    Interventions in primary art markets (2003-2018).