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On Humber Street

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on-humber-street.mp3 Thu, 07/18 07:30AM 65:04 SUMMARY KEYWORDS jy, exhibition, reenactment, siloed, live, ben, taxi, rick, experiments, turn, museums, face, screaming, content providers, sound, complacent, processing, songwriter, beggar, horn 03:10 Contemporary criticize hi 10:42 official story 12:30 and also a lot of gold 12:38 qualities of 12:40 being close to my best friend face 13:03 this man is on-humber-street.mp3 Page 1 of 12 Transcribed by 14:21 which is logic money to use it 14:29 to learn soon as content 14:30 providers for museums and heritage before 14:41 we turn to you very 16:47 good to 16:54 take the first yeah 19:29 hello because he was 21:09 talented 22:55 ET on-humber-street.mp3 Page 2 of 12 Transcribed by 26:30 travel 26:33 talk about the kind of historical journey together reenactment of 26:39 life 26:41 living all 26:43 kinds of non smoking 26:49 mobile flexible as always being formed agree for 27:17 radio show radio when 27:23 they 27:26 announced that on-humber-street.mp3 Page 3 of 12 Transcribed by 27:29 you're stopping 27:32 by the police the new 32:21 it's like a small percentage we're not complacent by about 20 years old 32:30 any recently I went 32:43 yeah 32:49 nobody's beggar kid 32:52 used to be he didn't stop with 33:11 yeah yeah stop performing 33:41 it was surprised me on-humber-street.mp3 Page 4 of 12 Transcribed by 33:49 because like Ben 33:55 bass bass guitar and 33:56 Jesus 34:02 Hi, I'm Ben is 34:06 the lead singer and songwriter guitarist and incompetently as also known as the rebel and we don't live in America live 34:29 I'm still part of thinking about it okay yeah yeah 36:58 at the 37:46 Get away from me 38:00 traveling on-humber-street.mp3 Page 5 of 12 Transcribed by 38:03 experiments and processing 38:30 captive audience 38:40 wonderful the things that can be done around the world 38:56 very 38:58 very uncomfortable doing 39:08 I like the idea of having this building and making it sound like a screaming 39:16 you know working 39:26 so 40:34 we're here to the science of like on-humber-street.mp3 Page 6 of 12 Transcribed by 40:58 this okay the this gentleman the things 42:25 are found in the in the in the 42:31 in the room yeah 42:43 just got like a fleet of taxi 42:51 I've never been 43:04 likely going to be that the Obama button 44:00 going to buy the house and going there and when I was part of the process, the final level 44:08 high level exhibition shops in the 44:15 meantime going there on-humber-street.mp3 Page 7 of 12 Transcribed by 44:28 God I need to be 44:36 blessed 44:43 going to 44:48 know all 45:06 would you just say you know today 47:47 this is come back. Oh. 50:38 like this How many have I want you to try to put a horn on it? I want you to 50:47 have another one. Yeah. 53:03 Says already into the brain. And already is loss. on-humber-street.mp3 Page 8 of 12 Transcribed by 53:15 Destruction creates 53:36 we see your silhouette. 53:41 sizes so 53:44 come see us at 53:48 UZCURREM new 54:04 Yes. 54:13 So happy 54:17 people live from 56:46 siloed. on-humber-street.mp3 Page 9 of 12 Transcribed by 56:55 to Sundance 57:35 there is no 59:43 and wait just 59:51 remember 60:07 face to 60:14 face to six men. Me 61:12 JY. 61:42 ways it's not 62:04 then we turn around. Right. on-humber-street.mp3 Page 10 of 12 Transcribed by 62:16 What do we do? 62:19 Why do we care? 62:23 so much about that. 62:38 That sounds good. Rick, Rick, 63:13 Rick. 63:16 Right away. 63:31 You're listening to the welcome 64:00 kind of thing is 64:04 you matter to on-humber-street.mp3 Page 11 of 12 Transcribed by 64:10 you. on-humber-street.mp3 Page 12 of 12 Transcribed by


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