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Obey series

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I think if you're a painter in London now and you want to be serious you have to accept you're working in a desert and you have to address the culture of your own work starting from zero. And you have to actively repel and be antagonistic all the time to these consoling illusions of community which are really no different to propaganda or 'We Are City Island' advertorial column inches. So maybe I'm painting OBEY paintings since 2009 because it makes me feel artistic to paint OBEY paintings since 2009. Not because I have an urge in my blood to paint OBEY paintings since 2009. Not because it's part of my cultural community to paint OBEY paintings since 2009. And maybe it feels avant-garde to exhibit them inside a Mark E Smith tribute foam party inside an emerging project space inside Catford (but not Lambeth, no no no) inside London when the entire social franchise is saying you are not real you are not the artist that Shepard Fairey was.


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Richard Parry studio recording, London. Released by Richard Parry and Gallery Le Bourgeois.