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At the moment my painting studio is a shared space in an artists' co-operative. I can spend a long time here or a short time. Neither is necessarily better. I don’t go every day all the time but sometimes I have periods of going daily.

Painting studio interior

I'm Going 2 Spain: Magaluf, 2021

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Studio paintings

JAZZ series

Repeating painting the same painting allows us to overcome the issue of content and concentrate instead on the thorny issue of aesthetics.

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Studio paintings

OBEY series (after Shepard Fairey)

Painting here doesn't just refer to socio-cultural production, but to a mode of representation and the aspirational logic of its value form.

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cropped detail of a geometric painting

Magaluf, 2021

I'm Going 2 Spain

cropped detail of two paintings hung side-by-side in a wooden interior

Haus zur Liebe, 2020

SWISS JAZZ parts 2-9

close-up view of foam

Le Bourgeois, 2018

Mark E. Smith Tribute Foam Party

inverted-colour image of a woman standing by an easel outside

River Hull Boathouse, 2017

Firewalls for the New Sensationalist

close up of a portrait painting

Glasgow International, 2016

Rough House

close up of crisps and sweeties

Salon 4, 2015


close up of a portrait painting

Carlos Ishikawa, 2014

World Music

a figure in a field of yellow Lilos

Institute of Social Hypocrisy, 2012

Satellite Show

a row of people holding trays framed by a window

Bloomberg SPACE 2020

Elephant Paintings

close up of a group of men in a desert

MOT International, 2009

Richard Parry

woman crouching in a gallery

Marshgate Lane, 2008

Visit The New Dome Mojito Trough

couple talking inside in front of a painting

Slaginc, 2007

Jurassic Five

Richard Parry, artist

24/7 Swiss Jazz Online Viewing Room

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