Future of the Painting studio

At the moment my painting studio is a shared space in an artists' co-operative. I can spend a long time here or a short time. Neither is necessarily better. I don’t go every day all the time but sometimes I have periods of going daily.

Painting studio interior

Marshgate Lane, London, 2007

Studio paintings

JAZZ series

A lot of people are looking out for the indexability of art or the struggle of the artist or some deeper meaning. I’m trying to get away from meaning. I don’t mean anything, I just do the painting.

Hear me out
Richard Parry, artist
Studio Locations


  • Marshgate Lane
  • Cable Street
  • Omega Works
  • The Old Police Station
  • Lewisham Art House
Studio paintings

OBEY series (after Shepard Fairey)

Painting here doesn't just refer to socio-cultural production, but to a mode of representation and the aspirational logic of its value form.

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Available works

OBEY (after Shephard Fairey), 2009.

OBEY (after Shephard Fairey), 2016.

OBEY (after Shephard Fairey), 2012.

Richard Parry, artist

24/7 Online viewing room

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