This Friday, Saturday, Sunday:

  1. Retrospective Planning Concept Album Launch (Friday)
  2. Behind The Scenes (Saturday + Sunday)

Dear List,

My third day in a French swamp has nearly passed and my goal of inviting you seems distant, as I have phone but it doesn't work in this country. My search for bogland internet is going well though.

1. Retrospective Planning Concept Album Launch

Hackney Hipster

A Post-Impressionist version of Richard Parry stands outside Lewisham Way Youth & Community Centre to declare:

Witness the Retrospective Planning Concept Album Launch outside 138 Lewisham Way - This Friday 23 September. Also! The link to the press release works now!

Press Release

2. Behind The Scenes

I am delighted to open my studio for Lewisham ARthouse open studios 2022. At 6pm on Saturday there will be drinks in the garden plus! DJ Barry Cunningham, if you'd like to stick around for that.

Saturday 24 September - Sunday 25 September.

Visit online
I would be delighted if you are visiting my studio inside in person, you could do your best to wear a mask. I doubt my visitors will include many people who deny the existence of COVID, or believe the vaccine is Sadie Coles trying to put tiny Jordan Wolfson artworks into your blood. But I would like to minimise our risk. Thank-you.