From the studio of Richard Parry:

1) Retrospective Planning Concept Album Launch
2) The Ed Fornielis Reading Group Re-enactment Society
3) Behind the scenes
4) Playa de Magaluf

Dear List,

This summer I have chosen to adopt the following quotes as my mantras:

I'd rather be involved where I can help contribute to freedom of expression, to art being nurtured, because I believe art changes society. That's fundamental to who I am. - Iwona Blaswick.

After careful deliberation, I can now say I have finally gone off Richard Parry's paintings. Give it one year and so will you. - Justus Kewenig.

1. Retrospective Planning Concept Album

A Hackney Hipster version of Richard Parry stands outside Lewisham Way Youth & Community Centre to declare:

Come to the RETROSPECTIVE PLANNING CONCEPT ALBUM LAUNCH outside 138 Lewisham Way on Friday 23 September. Find the press release here

2. The Ed Fornielis Reading Group Re-enactment Society

To try and promote my paintings in Copenhagen I'll be principally performing re-enactments of Ed Fornielis Reading Group. I don't know what principally performing re-enactments of the Ed Fornielis Reading Group in really involves but I think you go into a room and click on something (revealing fragments of an inner psyche). Email Duncan for details.

3. Behind the scenes

As a gentleman amateur empowered by the art community, I am delighted to open my studio for Lewisham ARthouse open studios 2022:

Saturday 24 September - Sunday 25 September. RSVP (to visit in person) | Click (to visit online)

would be delighted if you are coming to visit in person, you could do your best to wear a mask. I doubt my visitors will include many people who deny the existence of COVID, or believe that the vaccine is Sadie Coles trying to put tiny Jordan Wolfson artworks into your blood. But I would like to minimise our risk.

4. Playa de Magaluf

Mario Suardiaz says;
The collecting season is soon upon us. But what to buy for the socially challenged art pilgrims of your mind? Some enchanting 'Sand' within a miniature bottle from Magaluf beach, makes for the perfect gift!

Best wishes :-)