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Richard Parry art

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You can learn more about Richard Parry paintings, or new art for sale by getting in touch. Studio visits are available in London and online.


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Christie's clients can continue to interact with Richard Parry.

The New Dome

New Dome clients can continue to interact with Richard Parry.

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Existential people posing for the camera in an art gallery with four identical Richard Parry paintings on the walls
Located in London.
Two toddlers wearing bucket hats, running around an artist studio as a part of a Richard Parry studio visit.
Learn more about processes.
Richard Parry looking towards a digital projection screen poses for the camera in a forest clearing surrounded by a seated audience and trees during an experimental studio visit experience.
Find out how you can own a painting including payment and shipping.
A portrait painting surrounded by a group of silhouetted figures in the foreground
Find out how you could help facilitate a project.
A smiling group of artists pose for the camera in front of an illuminated fast-food restaurant after a Richard Parry exhibition experience
Find out how we might work together.
Two silhouetted figures dancing in a smokey, dimly-lit room during a deep listening experience