Advanced Field Recording and analytics

Field Recording as the auto-ethnographic art of collecting information advanced by a social settings or situations in realtime; local fields process a global information.

Field Recording

Analogue records

Medium-cheap to cheap objects of limited aesthetic value in obsolete physical media. Not suitable for Romantics.

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Field Recording 24/7 online playback

reflection of a man looking sideways, in a mirror

Astrup Fearnley Museum, 2014

Europe Europe - 02:55

close-up view of a yellow brushstroke in an expressionist painting

Bloomberg SPACE, 2012

Kind of Bloomberg - 0:44

a man holding a pot and ladel outside on a country lane

COVID-19 analytics / Facebook 2020

untitled (extreme Techno) - 11:59:59

graffiti on the exterior wall of a large shopping centre

Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, 2019

Live @ Elephant & Castle (excerpt) - 08:03

a cigarrette in the mouth of a man peering through a cloud of foam in a brightly-lit interior

Gallery Le Bourgeois, 2018

What Am I Going To Wear @ A Foam Party - 06:02

a figure walks through a marble hall street on a bright day

Glasgow International, 2018

So What - 01:37

a deserted post-industrial street on a bright day

Humber Street, 2017

On Humber Street - 01:05:03

the interior of an artist studio with paintings on easels

Lewisham Art House, 2016

Richard Runs The Context Down - 03:55

interior of an artist studio with paintings on easels

London, 2020

Prayer (O Dr. Jesus) - 04:15

street art paintings on an interior warehouse wall

Richard Parry studio, 2018

OBEY (soundtrack) - 15:40

waterside view of the old town

Schaffhausen & Haus zur Liebe, 2020

Sketches of Schaffhausen - 19:32

commuters pass an illuminated screen in an advertising throughfare

The King's Cross / KX Tunnel, 2019

Official Water - 10:15

a smiling woman and regenerated seascape

Turner Contemporary, 2015

Sketches of Margate - 01:32


Song Book

Personally uploaded data sheets.

London London AstroTurf™ analytics

Article published by MAY in 2017.

Schizoanalysis for arts learning

"It’s a remarkable example of post-qualitative post-representational research and for that reason perhaps also defeats metrics. What I came to art school for."