Advanced Field Recording and analytics

Field Recording as the auto-ethnographic art of collecting information advanced by a social settings or situations in realtime; local fields process a global information.

Field Recording

IRL playback media

Counter-native informantion.

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Field Recording 24/7 online playback

reflection of a man looking sideways, in a mirror

Astrup Fearnley Museum, 2014

Europe Europe - 02:55

close-up view of a yellow brushstroke in an expressionist painting

Bloomberg SPACE, 2012

Kind of Bloomberg - 0:44

a man holding a pot and ladel outside on a country lane

COVID-19 analytics / Facebook 2020

untitled (extreme Techno) - 11:59:59

graffiti on the exterior wall of a large shopping centre

Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, 2019

Live @ Elephant & Castle (excerpt) - 08:03

a cigarrette in the mouth of a man peering through a cloud of foam in a brightly-lit interior

Gallery Le Bourgeois, 2018

What Am I Going To Wear @ A Foam Party - 06:02

a figure walks through a marble hall street on a bright day

Glasgow International, 2018

So What - 01:37

a deserted post-industrial street on a bright day

Humber Street, 2017

On Humber Street - 01:05:03

the interior of an artist studio with paintings on easels

Lewisham Art House, 2016

Richard Runs The Context Down - 03:55

interior of an artist studio with paintings on easels

London, 2020

Prayer (O Dr. Jesus) - 04:15

street art paintings on an interior warehouse wall

Richard Parry studio, 2018

OBEY (soundtrack) - 15:40

waterside view of the old town

Schaffhausen & Haus zur Liebe, 2020

Sketches of Schaffhausen - 19:32

commuters pass an illuminated screen in an advertising throughfare

The King's Cross / KX Tunnel, 2019

Official Water - 10:15

a smiling woman and regenerated seascape

Turner Contemporary, 2015

Sketches of Margate - 01:32


Lyric Sheets

Personally uploaded lyric sheets. Just choose your favourite Field Recording!

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The Land Art (PARRY) cryptocurrency maintains a decentralised ownership ledger, offering new ways to own Land Art.

While traditional valuation and acquisition hierarchies centralise exclusive circulation, PARRY cryptoassets diffuse the possibilities for owning Land Art outward.

How it works

1. Richard Parry studio records the ownership of Land Art artworks by issuing PARRY tokens.
2. The ownership and accounting systems for PARRY exist as a blockchain subledger.
3. Secondary markets trade PARRY through cryptocurrency exchange.

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